Boston, MA

Boston, MA

New England portrait photographer creating unique and captivating portraits of strong and powerful people.

Athlete Portraits, Seniors, Headshots, Fitness
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Portrait Sessions

The best part! Within 2 weeks of the shoot I'll deliver your images via an online gallery. From there you can download your images and order prints.

Step 6: Delivery

We'll spend about an hour creating everything we planned on the shot list while getting extra photos as well.

Step 5: Shoot Day!

We'll discuss your preferences and expectations for the photoshoot, ensuring we capture images that resonate with you and maximize the session's potential.

Step 4: The Shot list

Together, we can pinpoint the ideal spot for our photo shoot. I offer a variety of locations or head indoors to your local gym or court.

Step 3: Picking a LOCATION

Typically sunset and sunrise offer the best lighting scenarios for outdoors, but we can create photos at any time of day. We'll find the best time for you.

Step 2: Date and Time

You're in step one now. Thanks for finding me and make sure to get in touch below! Then we can move onto step 2.

Step 1: Discovery

The Photoshoot

Interested in Action Photos?
I do those too

Interested in Action Photos?
I do those too

As a former athlete  I make photos that are powerful and fun. Photos to make people stop scrolling and start paying attention.
Whether it's on the field at Fenway or the local high school gym. I'm here to create images that tell your story. Every sport, athlete, and person deserves their time in the spotlight.

About Me

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I enjoy teaching the craft of photography. You can hire me to capture your photos or learn how to make better images on your own!


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